Gunnar Gaming Glasses

Gunnar Gaming Glasses: Are They A Sham?

Recently I had to complete a portfolio assignment for university, which required days sitting bleary eyed at a computer whittling away the hours on Photoshop. After this time spent doing work I, like many people of us, went on to play some kind of video game, or watch someone streaming. By the end of the day my eyes would feel like balls of chalk rolling around in my eye sockets.

When watching MOBA streams I continually saw that Gunnar logo teasingly scrolling on the screen, or some streamer coming back to their computer and automatically putting on the those damn yellow glasses. It was in this bleary eyed state that made I decided to forgo the price of £70 ($108~) for glasses I’d saw someone on the Internet claim helped soften their eye strain at the PC.

I prefer a bit more blue steel with my advertisements, but I thought I'd give them a try.

I prefer a bit more blue steel with my advertisements, but I thought I’d give them a try.


Just about every organised sporting team has some form of a sponsor, from your professional teams all the way to your local team. There is no difference in e-sport; every pro team out there has at least one sponsor, which they probably plug more than their kitchen sink.

These teams need the sponsors, the initial seed money from their sponsor help them set up their base of operations, the ever present gaming house. It’s this need of the money that creates a worrying conundrum, do the teams take any offer of sponsorship or do they hold out for a sponsor that they like?

This is where the cynic in me raises its head. Being offered the choice of essentially free money isn’t much of an offer. So do the products that the teams are pedaling actually work? It’s easy to know if the computer equipment works, the teams are using it after all and they’re winning games live on stream. However there is one product that sticks out of all the sponsorship, Gunnar Eyewear. Many players wear and are sponsored by Gunnar but it raises the question, do they actually work or are the players whoring themselves out for that sweet sweet dolla?

Free money, that really is an offer they can't refuse.

Free money, that really is an offer they can’t refuse.


Some of the comments made by Gunnar sound like they were written in a drug haze, claiming they stop blue light irritating your eyes and that they can stop your eyes from feeling dry. This wasn’t my only problem with the glasses, they also looked ridiculous and wearing them meant you were forced to confront just how nerdy they are.

Did any of this stop me from wearing them?  Hells no, as soon as I got those Gunnars I put them on, after surgically removing them from the plastic packaging, I like knives. Embracing my inner nerd I put them on, thinking I would either swear my vengeance upon TSM if they didn’t work, or silently love them for solving my problem.

Much to my surprise and delight they work, it’s like I’ve gone and joined some strange cult, praising yellow glass and condemning that pesky blue light to the lowest depths of hell. At first I thought it might be some kind of placebo effect, but they have worked consistently over the weeks since I first got them.

So what effects can you notice after wearing the glasses? Well the yellow hue does change the colours on your monitor, everything is a warmer tone. There is also a slight magnification to the glasses, something that you won’t really notice if you’ve ever wore glasses before, or something that could take a couple of minutes to get used to.

By the end of your time playing a game you could easily forget you’re wearing the glasses, they are so light they make wearing my normal glasses feel heavy. They might seem a bit pricey but if anything, you have to consider the price of regular glasses and the amount of time you will spend wearing them.



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